Blackberry Bakery and Fisher & Woods

Last Thursday we were lucky enough to meet Ziggy the Master baker from The Blackberry Bakery at Fisher & Wood’s Fruit and Veg H.Q in Saffron Walden.  We talked about traditional baking methods and artisan breads.  It was nice to meet and discuss bread with someone with such passion.  Ziggy is Polish but spent many years in Italy practising his craft, in fact he has been baking since he was just 12 years old.  Through a partnership with our fruit and veg supplier Fisher and Woods  we will be receiving fresh baked bread and pastries 6 days a week. Ziggy’s breads are are all made using the traditional method with all natural ingredients,  no additives and long fermentation times. They are also shaped by hand and have lots of character with no two loaves being the same.

It is refreshing to see real bread being made by passionate artisanal craftsmen. The commercial yeast used in the majority of bread making today is manufactured for quick processing, meaning that bread can be made quickly and cheaply. This type of yeast requires sugars to be added to the bread to activate them.  On top of this additives and  chemicals are often used to increase the shelf life, bleaches are used to make the loaf whiter and supposedly more appealing.

Bread made the natural way is worth the wait and can take up to 36 hours to make compared to 90 minutes using quick yeast.  What you are left with is a bread with character, taste, and texture that naturally lasts longer.

At The Pantry we are looking forward to stocking fresh bread, baked and delivered daily from the Blackberry Bakery.

Didier was kind enough to let us forage around the fridges at Fisher and Woods and get a taste of some of the great produce they supply; who said tomatoes have to be perfect, red and round?!

Heritage Tomatoes
round courgettes anyone?