Glorious Cupcakes

Well none for  little old me anyway. I am sure this setting up a food business may seem all fun and frolics, with endless scoffing of tasty samples from our suppliers; however as a gluten free girl when a potential cake supplier turns up at your door with 15 cupcakes, chocolate fudge, carrot, coffee and walnut, fruit, lemon drizzle cakes and a bake well tart, it should be classed as a form of torture!

Little towers of joy.

O.k I knew Julia from Cupcakes to go was coming round and I THOUGHT I had mentally prepared myself, but  I was wrong! I had to make do with a few cheeky scrapings of albeit delicious sweet icing whilst Vince devoured piece after piece. Vince may have a healthy appetite but the prospect of devouring all that cake was a daunting even for him; luckily I had plenty of willing family members to act as further tasters, so nothing went to waste incase you were concerned. Every one agreed that every cake and cupcake was extremely light, fluffy and moist, all round yummy really.

Big Cakes.

Setting aside my little sob story I am absolutely delighted that Julie got in touch and we now have a local supplier of homemade baked treats that are of a professional quality.

Birds Eye view.. looking good!

For all my fellow gluten, wheat or dairy intolerant peeps rest assured I am currently on a mission to bring fresh natural homemade treats to The Pantry. We want to provide an alternative to the pre-packed, full of strange ingredients options we usually have to put up with when we want a little indulgence.

Watch this space.