O.K with just 2 weeks to go, we thought  it would be nice to reflect on where we started and where we are now at with the building of The Pantry.

I think you will agree that you really needed to have a good imagination to see a restaurant and deli in the space where Vernon Smith was.

Good old Vernon Smith, he knows a good location

Once all the carpets were out the way we then needed to demolish some old changing rooms to make space for all those seats that we will need.

Old changing rooms

When the shop was made empty and had light pouring in from the front and side windows, it wasn’t hard for us to see the potential of the property.

Now imagine a kitchen, bar, deli and 30 covers in this space

We  decided to remove the false ceiling as it felt like an office; our plan is to leave the roof cavity open for a trendy industrial look.

Surprise ceiling

To our and the builders surprise the ceiling was a bit worse for ware, adding an extra week of work… scaffolding, plaster boarding, and plastering. I don’t envy our carpenters and plasterers!

Anne-Marie with Trisha from the fish shop, amongst the rubble.

Removing the false ceiling really opens up  the space; making the room feel bigger and more airy like a New York loft, (well we think so any way)!

Anyone for a bit of scrap metal?
Old air-con unit down and almost out.

It’s all starting to come together now, with the roof finished, colours chosen and light fittings decided on.  The whole thing feels more real and the excitement is creeping up. Two weeks to go….