Santa’s little helpers were busy on Monday night this week making The Pantry all festive and wonderful!

In command was the littlest Elf – Lil’ AMM…

Elf Lil' AMM dressing the window!

The lovely red haired Elf – DIY Dani; not afraid of a ladder, hamper and a screwdriver, she’s a very handy elf indeed!

Elf DIY Dani hanging our decs

Finally there is Elf Jonna, our nimble and very creative Elf. Her beautifully wrapped presents really  complete our festive look.

Elf Jonna adding the finishing touches

Oh I nearly forgot the hard at work Elf Paul, using his tea drinking and paper reading skills to their fullest!

Man at work

We would love you to drop by and see our Christmas decorations for real; why not go the full festive hog with a warm mince pie and a mug of our delicious gourmet hot chocolate with orange and cinnamon sugar?

Hope to see you soon,

The Pantry Elves xx