Oh yes that’s right, I got to eat a piece of fresh, moist carrot cake with a proper cream cheese topping today.

What’s the big news? Well I can’t have gluten so this usually means very little choice in the cake department and even less choice once you rule out the awful consistency and flavour of a lot of the gluten free cakes available. You almost never get cakes with fresh icing on offer.

Temptation in the window

So when Nikki arrived this morning with a beautifully wrapped gluten free carrot cake I had to use all my willpower not to scoff a piece for breakfast! Instead I held out for tea time and counted down the hours and minutes until 4pm for a sit down with a nice cup of tea in my favourite china cup  and a slice of cake.

A little slice of heaven, with a lovely cup of tea to wash it down!

The verdict, well worth the wait!It was delicious, you would have no idea the cake is gluten free – which is the ultimate goal! Some fellow cake deprived gluten free customers who stopped by during the day also  agreed with me; the look on their faces when they realised the ‘proper cake’ in the window was gluten free was priceless!!

Our current range of gluten free cakes courtesy of Nikki (of Nikki’s homemade preserves) are individual banana and lemon drizzle loafs, flap jacks and of course her latest addition the carrot cake.

We also serve Vince’s amazing triple chocolate as gluten free too; the perfect way to end an evening meal with us at The Pantry.

A little extra note about gluten free and our menu..

80% of our a la carte menu is either gluten free or can be made gluten free; we stock gluten free bread and stock gluten free pasta when we have a pasta dish on the menu.