So it is finally sinking in, we are 3 years old! We had a fantastic birthday weekend which we owe to our wonderful legion of loyal customers, lovely staff and the fantastic suppliers who turned up to make our both our Celebration Dinner and our Mini Farmers Market a fantastic success!!

The Pantry dips it’s toe into the world of art…

As promised we were very proud to launch new artwork on our windows by the fabulously talented Emily Jarvis, which has received much praise since it was revealed.

Cheers! Celebrating with the gorgeous Emily!
Cheers! Celebrating with the gorgeous Emily!


The project came about a few months ago as I had been thinking that our great big windows could benefit from some detail adding to them, at the same time Emily who has been a loyal supporter of The Pantry was thinking about doing a temporary art installation on our windows, so it was logical step for her to create something more permanent for us.

Emily’s range is really quite diverse from beautiful portraits, abstract pieces through to her popular ‘Small People’ Series which inspired the street scene she has created for us. We love the fact that as it is etched it catches the light and creates different effects through out the day, including creating shadows on the blinds and walls on these Indian summer afternoons we are having!

Catch more of Emily’ work at

Mini Farmers Market Fun!

From them smell of delicious flavoured Musk’s Newmarket Sausages, to devilish Toffee Vodka there were many tasty treats to tuck into at our Mini Farmers Market!